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Systems Engineer was asked...21 September 2012

I thought the interview was all about communication skill... no c c++ java.. no unanswerable questions... no domination... quite cool... he had to see me speaking confidently with out the bias of fear r something else... so he kept the interview cool... of-course, i have tried my best for that... You will be almost selected if u pass the written exam... provided with acceptable communication levels and confidence.. no need of Hollywood level speed or verbal skills... just convey your matter in a cool and simple way.. Take some care to protect your character by answering with contradiction or domination.... if done so.. u have got yourself a job at Infosys...

11 Answers

it was really usefully .thanks

its asuch a important information ......... thank you .............

really helpfull information....thank u:)

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Tata Consultancy Services

What will you do when your girl friend is getting married on the same day as a important client meeting?

10 Answers

yes, firstly i will do marriage

I would rather invite my client ti my wedding. afrer giving him a feast will set up the meeting there itself. Less

First I have one question my girlfriend getting married me or another person??? Suppose she getting married another person my answer is I feel 💯 because ture feeling and then I attended client meeting successfully ... Why because she think am not important person in her life .. so that reason of she getting married another person... I think client meeting more important .. because my client give me a full trust with me . Less

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Tata Consultancy Services

nothing as such but you need satisfy them for your ability in IT.

3 Answers

i think depends on demand and oppertunity.

I think practically work experience is very helpful after diploma/degree otherwise dificulty. Less

selse job reqverment


identify the number of 1s in an integer is odd or even

7 Answers

Was taken from: unsigned int v; // word value to compute the parity of bool parity = false; // parity will be the parity of v while (v) { parity = !parity; v = v & (v - 1); } Less

Above solution is incorrect. void OnesAreOdd(int n) { int i=0; while(n!=0) { n=n&(n-1); i=i^1; } return i==1?true:false; } Less

Let number be c int count = 0; while ( c != 0 ) { count += (c & 1); c >> 1; } if ( count%2 == 0) printf("Number of 1s are even); Less

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why should we hire you

7 Answers

Bcz i have all the skills regarding to this position i do each and every thing to achieve my goals by which my company will achieve good profit.. Less

Bcz I can do hardwork for this position

I do your work honestly and sincerely and you said that my work becomes my only thing and I have already worked in everything, so I already have experience in this work. Less

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There is a body of water that starts with 1 square unit, and doubles in size every day (2 units after 2 days, 4 units after 4 days). It takes 100 days to fill up. How many days would it take to fill if you started with 2 square units?

6 Answers

100 - 1 = 99 days

Starting with 2 square units at time t=0 is like 1 square unit at t = 1. [this logic is the key to answering the question]. Now let's do the first few cases. t = 0: size = 1+1 = 2 t = 1: size = 2(1+1) = 2+2 = 4 = f(2) in the 1 unit case. Pretty easy to see it only requires 1 time period less from here. The OP was right. Less

This question is phrased incorrectly. I think you meant "4 units after 3 days". Which makes your answer wrong as well. This is not helpful at all. Less

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How can you edit/change the file which has only read permission

4 Answers

If you are the owner, you can save your changes regardless. In vi, do a w! .

The administrator can do it. So check you are as the good one to edit the file.

chmod 755

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W. L. Gore & Associates

The interview questions were pretty average. Each person had questions written down but they didn't seem to be form questions. Average interview questions. The questions were not very technical

5 Answers

Your first impressions and interview questions aren't the norm for this company. Interviewing is usually very long, technical, huge variety of questions from different functional areas. You will hear a lot about the "unique culture" there but it's changed a lot over the years. Just be careful if you're offered the "commitment" and make sure to get all your questions answered. Good Luck! Less

Looking for full time employment

Want a change in my career

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Tata Consultancy Services

Imagine that you are in a forest and because you wandered away from your group , you are now lost and stranded. You have no means of communication with the outside world and nobody to rely on. What would you do?

5 Answers

i will get out of imagination...!11

I will use the tricks of survivor Bear grylls tricks to survive and get myself out through the forest. Bear gryll quotes," You can't be a good horse rider untill you fall and awake no. of times". Less

TATA Network would never let you down

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UnitedHealth Group

Why are man-hole covers round?

5 Answers

I would also think so that they can be rolled instead of carried when being moved. Less

Because that is the standard.

Because cars are not

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