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Support Engineer was asked...25 May 2022

Would I put the customer or the product first

1 Answers

Customer first


1. How Internet works 2. TCP/IP 3. Application deployment architecture 4. CDN caching 5. HTTP layer troubleshooting specially slowness 6. Different leadership principals


What’s was the latest issue you’ve faced? How you’ve managed to solve it? Whether you’ve solved it? What have you learned from your mistakes?

Cisco Systems

What programming languages do you know and how do you use them

Cisco Systems

What are common tools for troubleshooting website and network issues

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If you encountered a problem that you didn’t know the answer to, how would you handle it.

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How do you handle conflict.

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Tell me about a time you encountered a difficult situation and how you handled it.


What do you mean by Normalisation in DBMS


What is your hobbies day to day?

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