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Raytheon Technologies
Subcontract Manager was asked...25 August 2021

Many questions regarding my experiences and knowledge base. One in particular, "When there's a sole source and you have to determine price fair & reasonable - how do you make the determination/justification"?

1 Answers

"If sole source, you can use historical data, like-type relatively recent awarded contracts, determine if urgent and compelling-use FAR Part 6 Exceptions, etc". That was a great question! Less

UnitedHealth Group

The questions were situational and which position did you hold to qualify for the position.

1 Answers

Answered based on experience and how I handled the situation.

General Dynamics

All the questions seemed fairly straight forward. Experience, usual job situation type questions.

1 Answers

Answered to the best of my ability.

Mosaic Transit Group

A Director came to the interview prepared for an outright rejection without giving me a chance to test my skills and qualifications

1 Answers

I tried my best to get the Director to interview me but I failed

Rockwell Collins

Would you deviate if ask from compliance requirements

1 Answers

No, there are specific reasons for compliance that protect the company


Why should we hire you and not somebody else?

1 Answers

This the tricky question you have to give reasons , i have a skills set which this job demands and in turn i can apply the theoretical knowledge which i have gained in years and can be applied for practical use and its just like giving a platform to show cause my talents and after all the point of interview is u guys r looking for a right candidate and i believe i am the one who can handle this position as my goals are aligned which will be helpful to fulfill in achieving company vision and mission statements Less


Why I want to make a move

1 Answers

Career growth

Northrop Grumman

Technical questions that did not quite make sense. They were very immersed in their own NG specific technical jargon.

1 Answers

I used industry standards which caused some confusion. It just indicated a lack of willingness to acknowledge other view points. Less

Valiant Integrated Services

What is your experience with cost plus type subcontract?

1 Answers

I have plenty of experience with all subcontract types.


Was bedeutet Führung für Sie? Auf Englisch

1 Answers

Führung ist mehr als nur Personal zu managen !

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