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Store Manager/Sales Manager was asked...15 March 2012

Do you love the construction industry

1 Answers

Yes I grew up in it


How do you handle changes and stress?

1 Answers

How do you with changes


What would I change about myself if I could.

1 Answers

I said my ability to trust that others could do work for me and not try to do it all myself Less

Lane Bryant

They ask about your previous work experiences as a Manager and Management Style. What made you choose Lane Bryant? Give me an Example of a time where you had to deal with negative feedback, how did you handle it?

1 Answers

Turn every negative into a positive and be able to speak to your past sales numbers. Less


Do you sell by relationship or product knowledge?

1 Answers

Both but I prefer by relationship

Best Buy

Tell me about a time you had to learn something new and had no one there to help you. What did you do? What was the result?

1 Answers

Even companies with the best employee training programs still rely on their teams to problem-solve and own their personal development. When I was new to the company, the Director of Geek Squad, Robert Stevens, shared this motto with me: "Never say 'I don't know', always say 'I'll find out'". When I was working one day, a customer came in who needed help designing a system to play digital videos across a wide range of televisions. Rather than informing him that my store doesn't sell anything designed to do that, I decided to help him by researching his problem and thinking outside the box. Luckily, a lot technology today can be pretty flexible and we were able to find a way to solve his problem with the products that we had on hand. He came back to me a week later to buy things for his home because he was so pleased with his experience. Less

Hanergy Holding

What do you know about renewable energies

1 Answers

Well I firstly did research on renewables which made it easy to answer. I talked about the FIT and the subsidies available Less

Vanity Shop Of Grand Forks

Tell me about about your coaching style?

1 Answers

Very direct and to the point. Only interested in growing the employee into a better sales consultant/manager. Less

Years of experience and how would I impact sales.

1 Answers

At the time I had 8 years of retail management experience. Three things effected sales 1 people the right staff in place, 2 product did we have enough and the right mix for flow of traffic and the 3 was placement was it where it should be to effect sales today. Less

New York & Company

Nothing unexpected. The DM will try to give you a heads up. They did ask about my family life to see how it would interfere with my position.

1 Answers

Whenever you are asked how you are doing or your family, the answer should be short. A simple fine and thank you. Less

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