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Storage Administrator was asked...12 July 2011

difference between raid 0+1 and raid 1+0

2 Answers

it was again storage specific question, just be thorough with raid levels

In Raid 0+1 data is actually first striped and then mirrored. In Raid 1+0 or even called as Raid 10 data is first mirrored and then striped. Less

Vara Infrovate

description migration changes in ur environment?

1 Answers

host based and storage based


Basic interview questions (Greatest strengths, weaknesses, 5 words to describe yourself)

1 Answers

Just review basic interview questions online before and know your resume. Use past professional experiences to answer the questions. Less

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Basic of SAN and NAS

1 Answers

I gave a relevant answers for their question


Q3. What experience do you have with the cloud technology?

1 Answers

I have worked across all EMC equipment, I have good knowledge of VMWARE and involved in a few migration project from SAN to Cloud. Less

RVM Enterprises

What is a BCV volume in a VMAX?

1 Answers

Its basically a mirrored copy of the production volume... These dopes didn't even have the common decency to let me finish answering one question at a time and felt like I was being tested with a barrage of questions.... Real bunch of sch###ks and thats what hyou get for interviewing for a mom and pop shop..... Less

Vara Infrovate

what are storage replication technologies in IBM ?

1 Answers

metro mirror and global mirror

Vara Infrovate

different type of storage

1 Answers

san, Nas, unified, object storage

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Tell me about a situation where you were the direct cause of an incident that affected the entire organization and how did you resolve it?

1 Answers

Open ended answer really. Just answer truthfully. An answer that doesn't show that you were directly the cause of the issue is not a good answer. Less

DXC Technology

Excellent testing knowledge of the candidate and offered the in suitable position

1 Answers

Excellent testing knowledge of the candidate and offered the in suitable position Less

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