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Stockroom Assistant was asked...18 October 2019

If you are on the floor stocking inventory, should you answer a customer question even though this is not your role?

5 Answers

Yes I have to doesn’t meter what I am doing I am Kohls’s employee , customers first/ I can say I will try help you, otherwise I will find someone who can help you Less


Yes, of course, help the customer and exceed expectations.

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how your service would effect customers/ what are you passionate about/ team work?

2 Answers

although im not interacting face to face, if i send faulty products such as ripped, wrongly sized, not security tagged or wrongly price tagged products to the shop that would cause many problems for customers. im passionate about customer service, the feelings i get when helping someone with what they need, interacting with people etc I shouldnt say its my job that bothers me, team work means there is one target that you all there to reach. if any colleague needs help i know i should help, i should avoid any personal problems and concentrate on my job etc Less

they just rang me and said i got the job and i will go for training for one day which i will be paid for... Less


Why do you want to work for primark

2 Answers

I like primark love shopping here love to work here so I improve the shop

Basically said I was wearing 70% primark that day, love interacting with people and being part of a team. The high brand fashion at a low cost, always experienced good customer service etc.. Less


They asked me can I do extra hour. if they want sometimes?

1 Answers

I said yes.


How should you act in case you are assigned the role of cashier, sales assistant, Stockroom Assistant?

1 Answers

Be a team player, attentive, friendly, fast at peak hours, etc.


What do you know about Primark?

1 Answers

What skills do you have relevant for this role?


why work for Primark? Primark competitors? explain when you work in a team? explain how you dealt with difficult customer explain a time you used excellent communicatio

1 Answers

its easy but i forgot what i prepared as answers


"Give an example of one time you had a disagreement with your co workers and howd you deal with it "

1 Answers

"Had different ideas of what product to sell, so i noted good and bad points and we went with what made sense from there based on pro's and con's" Less


How would your friends describe you?

1 Answers

I always trip over this one as I never expect it, this was in the phone interview. I said something along the lines of I am highly conscientious and a good listener good at building relationships etc etc. Less


About the company in general and what can you offer in terms of skill.

1 Answers

With the best of my ability and knowledge

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