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Specialty Sales Representative was asked...8 September 2017

Given a routing task to complete in 20 minutes , The businesses and locations with drives times looked, The "map" looked liked a pentagram. You are given the ranking of importance of each business and your manager calls you and ask you to visit a certain business.

2 Answers

Stick to the plan. It shows you are busy.

Ask questions prior to exercise 1. Is this a business to business or Pharmaceutical exercise. Reason is pharmaceutical sales are quicker and business to business a longer appointments. 2. I ranked mine in order of importance, incorporated drive times and rearranged the lunch appointment. 3. Additionally you could execute less calls with longer appointments 4. Be prepared to explain why . 5. You will be asked to rank the most important to least. There are no correct answers, just want to see your decision making process. Less

Endo Pharmaceuticals

what did you not like about another company

2 Answers

stupid question.... no one leaves a great company

Every company has its good nd bad corners .bt apart from this , i would like to be a part of a company with a good growing rate . everyone wants to grow nd so i m. Less

Quantum Spatial

Job gaps

1 Answers

start up situations where technology vs demand was not quite there.

Encompass Health

Who were your customers ?

1 Answers

Directors of Nursing, Charge Nurses and Executive Directors.


Being that I have 20 resumes that look the same as your, what will you do differently to separate you from the rest of the group?

1 Answers

Creative, out of office, knowing office staff and finding out about docs habits, what made them change products, how can I make your life easier, major issues in you job and what takes up most of your time? Do I have something or a resource that can help them? That'll get you some face time if you help the staff out too... Less


Asked which drug I enjoyed selling and why.

1 Answers

manager actually told me his and why. Be careful how you answer and try to end on positive note. Less

inVentiv Health

Please explain your gap in employment?

1 Answers

My answer was truthful and appropriate. I made a decision to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor. However, due to the meltdown of the housing market of 2008 my business closed and I immediately became a full-time father. Less

Daiichi Sankyo

What is your greatest weakness. I know that this is cliche but it is always a challenge.

1 Answers

I would be prepared to present something specific but not significant. Also, be sure to mention how you have addressed this area. Less


How did I know this company?

1 Answers

I went to a career fair for information.

UBTECH Robotics

Why would you share about your experiences growing up rather than skills attained via working?

1 Answers

I believe to better understand the talent in your area you should get to know more than just their resumes and their work contributions. People like myself don't have opportunities knocking at the door left and right so I make the best of what I have and work my tail off. Less

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