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Find exist in maze or prove its non existence.

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You need to write a code for finding shortest path in maze. For a recursion use call stack.

A-star algorithm perhaps?

Keep an structure (array / binari Tree/ hash table) to "remember" if a "node" has been use to avoid loop. Building a graph and nodes to navigate trough the maze and track back on your node until you reach your first node that have no more "start node" or you have found the "exit node"

Given a adjucency matrix view of a graph find connected components in it.

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What did you work on ? What experience do you have in C/C++ ? At one point I said I designed a custom API for a customer. He asked me to detail it and what problems I encountered. A problem regarding 2 sets of numbers that should satisfy a property (can't remember exactly).

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Email test: *The problem:* A logfile contains newline-terminated, space-separated text formatted like: Example: 1366815793 quark garak 1366815795 brunt quark 1366815811 lilac garak Each line represents connection from a host (left) to another host (right) at a given time. The lines are *roughly* sorted by timestamp. They might be out of order by a maximum of 5 minutes. *Your task:* Implement a tool that parses such log files. The tool should both parse previously written log files by filename, or read from the standard input a stream of lines in the previously defined format. The script will output: * a list of hostnames that connected to a given (configurable) host during the last hour * a list of hostnames that received connections from a given (configurable) host during the last hour * the hostname that generated most connections in the last hour * the hostname that received most connections in the last hour Expect the number of loglines and hostnames to be very high. Consider implementing a CPU and memory-efficient solution. On-site: - How would you implement T9 ? - You have a e-shop and you must implement the shop card. The e-shop has some bonuses that if you buy for example 3 same stuff one is free, if you buy this stuff there is 25% free etc.

Mainly algorithm questions - sorting, linked lists etc. If you have a good grasp of computer science fundamentals, the interview are fair but if you're bluffing you'll be caught out!

Lot of Theory types of questions like test plan, test strategy.

None that I can speak of. Signed NDA as usual. Just know your stuff about 3d graphics, math, physics, coding.

Design a system that handles millions of pictures.

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