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Junior Site Merchandiser was asked...9 February 2020

Did you work in X department at your previous workplace?

6 Answers

No, I worked at the department listed on my resume.

Yes I have 4 years expirence in dubai I have driving license

Yes I have 3year experienc in warehouse control for garment field in Saudia Arabia.. but now I am in dubai and I have UAE licence.. Less

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Mizzen and Main

Interview questions for the in-person interviews differed for each interviewer as each interviewer focuses on a different company value for their time slot. They also want to hear your ideas on the company so be sure you understand the improvements you would suggest if you were to accept the role.

1 Answers

Brush up on the companies values and be sure to apply them to your answers

Eddie Bauer

Where do you feel your biggest area of opportunity is as far as what you would like to learn in your career?

1 Answers

Learn where to let things slide when it isn't going to really move the needle.


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I described the path that took me to my current role.


What' could be improved on our current site?

1 Answers

Navigation is not very intuitive and customers may get frustrated before reaching their destination. Less

Tailored Brands

To describe my background and interest in e-commerce

1 Answers

Explained my interests what I liked what I did not like. Also explained my background what I have done and what I would like to do moving forward. Less


I was asked to describe a sales study I had implemented at my current job.

1 Answers

I sales study I had implemented was relatively simple and I felt comfortable describing it. At the in-person interview, I was asked to describe it again, which I did, but then some of the interviewers really went into depth asking questions about why I didn't design the study in a different way, what could have been done better, etc. It was quite challenging - I'm not an analytics person, I was primarily a marketing person. They study worked well for my current employer, but it obviously wouldn't have met the bar at Amazon. I can't say I don't blame them for not giving me an offer - the Site Merchandising position required a good head for data. I'm sure I could have done the job quite well (in many ways I was over qualified) but my answer didn't meet their standards and I'm sure there were 10 other people applying for the job that would have had my qualifications and a better background in analytics. Less


all behavioral questions "what did you do when you disagreed with a decision your manager made"

1 Answers

i said that i voiced my concern but once the decision was final, did my best to support the team and achieve the goal. Less

James Perse Enterprises

Was the site merchandising for the e-commerce business the same as the merchandising displayed with in brick-and-mortar stores?

1 Answers

Answered truthfully and gave detail that referenced my background in e-commerce merchandising. Initial question was worded poorly, which required me to ask for further clarification. Less

Neiman Marcus

One weird/irrelevant question they asked was, "What sport would you play?"

1 Answers

I'm guessing they wanted a 'team' sport to see if we work as a team. So I answered soccer. Less

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