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Shipper/Receiver was asked...6 February 2019

Do you think you could commit to all the requirements?

41 Answers


I am wondering what they have you doing for work. And who is your manager have you talked to any one named Dina at the company and if so is she the only person you have talked to and have you been paid by them yet? Less

I haven't started to receive any shipments yet and I haven't been paid. My manager's name is Dina. Have you recieved a package yet? Less

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WaterSaver Faucet

Why do you want to work here?

9 Answers

I want to work in your company, first, I want to learn new skills even if I'm don't have experience in factory, I want to try, I am fast learner and I know how to solve simple math problems . Second I want to help my family here in the Philippines coz the salary here is so small. And lastly I want to meet new people with different nationalities and share our cultures our delicacies about food the tourist place in our country. I hope you can give me a chance though I'm not speaking English fluently I will do my best. Thank you very much Watersaver Faucet. Less

I wan't learn new skill and learn your culture...

I wan't to learn new skill and to learn your cultire...

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PURE Canadian Gaming

why should we hire you.

7 Answers



I’m hard working people

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Canadian Tire

when you get up in the morning what trouser leg do you put on first right or left? This is not a trick question.

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PURE Canadian Gaming

how would your past work experience pertain to this position

3 Answers

Yes because I have done administrative work and administrative work enables man to cope with any situation. Less

Yes I’m ok for any position


PURE Canadian Gaming

tell me about yourself

2 Answers

I studied Economics, for 12 years and worked in different institutions like Bakhtar Bank in Marketing in Relief Scale Development Organization for Afghanistan in Project Manager and I am still in charge of Administration in this department Less



what do you know about this company

1 Answers

that I didn't know much about the company other than it was a pharmaceutical company. Less


What are you planning on getting out the job?

1 Answers

Decent wage, comfortable workplace amd a balanced work/life schedule

PCI Pharma Services

Are there any important skills you'd bring to the company.

1 Answers

As a former member of the united states armed forces, I bring a sense of leadership, discipline, responsibility and attention to detail Less

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