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Pepperdine University
Senior Systems Analyst was asked...6 May 2013

describe a work challenge and how you dealt with it

2 Answers

choose a story with a happy end

I had a challenge bringing in new massage clients. After reviewing literature on effective massage-centered marketing, I implemented the ideas as cost-effectively as possible. The best ideas usually involved me getting hands on new people, so that was my priority. Within a year, I had increased commission sales by over 500% and collaborated in developing a spa-product retail operation. Less

Molina Healthcare

How to avoid inheritance

2 Answers




1) Related vmware, windows, exchange, hardware software, network what not whole things available on the planet

2 Answers

Answered as much as I can

Hi thank you for reviewing my C.V .Can I know when is the interview scheduled?


For vision plus profile: Mostly application related at high level and core mainframe questions

2 Answers

Most tech questions can be obtained from FAQs, however some will be based on experience. Less



2) Difference between Floating rate and a Variable rate ( This question and the answer from him did not make sense to me)

2 Answers

I do not know any differences between Variable and Floating rate

Two type of rates: fixed and floating Floating-rate (or Variable or Adjustable rate) ...they are same Less

First Databank

how do you deal with peer if they disagree with your design

2 Answers

Just ask them how they would improve the design. No need to start from the ground up with a brand new idea. Fresh eyes taken with a grain of salt are good for most projects. Less

This happens a lot at FDB. I'd design a solution, take it in for a review, to have them redeisgn it on the spot. Your solution works, but not they way they wanted to see it work. Insane waste of time. To answer the question: Before we re-invent the wheel, let delve into the solution and see what seems logical to you. Less

Sonata Software

what do you need to connect a java application to oracle database?

1 Answers

need oracle driver and proper tnsnames entry

Chapters Health System

What step would I take to get information requested by Management?

2 Answers

Just to send me true email

Please can I help me to find job


Tell me about your self

1 Answers

I have talked about my previous experience and what I am looking for

MBA Consulting Services

Java technical questions

1 Answers


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