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Senior Recruiting Manager was asked...14 July 2013

How would I hire 1000 engineers without an interview?

4 Answers

It's easy if you are going for quantity over quality. The question didn't specify. Less

By a designed program, in my practical experience, we call it " on-job-training." simply, school enrollment methods. However, this type of interview Qs often came less-detailed to determine behavioral responses from the candidate. Less

i would prepare a technical and behavioural assessment

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How would I solve problems if I were from Mars?

2 Answers

How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?

The answer was to provide thoughts and logic that is beyond of this planet. To prepare to think and solution in a manner that is far out of the norm and traditional. Less

Kaplan University

What is your current compensation? Then proceeded to tell me that this was not a six figure position even though it was posted on The Ladders.

1 Answers

*Remember recruiter found me on a six fig. site. I indicated that I had be making over $100K for many years I would however look at the entire package - position/role & responsibility with benefits and comp. and be willing to entertain their very best offer. Less

Hilton Grand Vacations

How much experience do you have in a high-volume call center?

1 Answers

Even though I was in military recruiting, I do not have direct call center experience, so I let that be known in my answer. Less


Please can you go away and source 10 candidates, and write a short blurb for each as to why they'd be good for deel.

1 Answers

Don't do it, a good recruitment process can judge your skills without making you do free sourcing for them. Less

Place Perfect Partners

How much can you bring in ? FYI , Partnering with a company is a two way street and it does not begin with a lie. If it is 100% commission and you say there is a salary you started being deceptive.

1 Answers

Never start a conversation with a lie, partnering is a two way street.

Fusion Alliance

Wanted to know my experience in developing an RA group or team.

1 Answers

Relayed to him that I had done it a few times with solid success.


Do you know anything about distributed computing?

1 Answers

Yes, I recruited a team of people to build a globe-spanning distributed computing platform made up of millions of CPUs and 10's of thousands of GPUs. Recruiter's response was "uh, okay great." Less


Sharing few experiences where the learnings from life helped in making my decision

1 Answers

Shared a few instances


Asked us to explain about the experience and client base I generally work with.

1 Answers

I was true for myself, I answered all that I can offer for a company it was fair deal and they liked it Less

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