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Senior/Principal Software QA Automation Engineer was asked...26 January 2022

Create a class of your own to mimic the features of a stack

Curriculum Associates

Hackerrank test Simple QA questions SQL Join question Java coding - count duplicates in array Multiple choice simple question. After passing that they will call you for second round which is video conference interview with one of the QA lead


Program for anagram String, Pattern program, number of occurance of alphabet in string, Selenium commands


Framework, challenges faced

Curriculum Associates

Second round 1- similar sql join question on Google docs 2- Java coding - reverse string 3- what do you want to do manual or automation 4- questions about previous job


It was a simple coding challenge in 2 parts- 1. Given an unsorted positive integers Array, find the maximum integer. Write test cases to test it. He wanted the test cases from user perspective, which he didn't tell earlier . I was approaching it from both the user and design perspective. He had a rude way of telling that. 2. for the same Array find the first and second largest integer. - He kept on saying - I don't care about the solution, dude ! Even after explaining/refactoring my approach he didn't understand it.

Curriculum Associates

Third and fourth round were on the same day one was with the QA manager and other with the QA director. Video conference may be because of covid 1- What is Dom.? 2- what does Java do in web applications? 3- good and worst thing your coworker say about you? 4- what is quality? 5- defect management? 6- scrum questions ( how many meetings are there in scrum except daily scrum) 7- what is browser cache? 8- what will you test in web applications? 9- why do you want to join CA? 10- questions from previous job? 11 - what do you prefer manual or automation? 12- do you know API testing?


How do you verify all the data at once from table in UI?


solving the balanced parentheses problem using my own created stack class

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