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Pakistan Army
Senior Human Resources Manager was asked...2 May 2019

What would you do if you are given 100,000 dollars?

17 Answers

I'll give this money to some organisations

I'll give this money to my father because he is currently jobless

i will donate these money for hospital in my village because there is one hospital with no facilities for 8 to 10 thousand people Less

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Gain City

No question asked and only if I will still be keen for a one-year contract role.

2 Answers

Not interested and expressed my displeasure about the misleading advertisement and time wasted. Less

This shows their lack of respect for worker rights and integrity.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

They hardly asked me anything about me. Not skilled interviewers. The worst interview I have ever had in my 20+ years in my career.

2 Answers

I had to ask "sell" myself and ask them questions. I asked them what would be the focus for the first 30, 60, 90 days and the hiring manager answered, "survive!" Not a positive way to sell the position! I would not consider working for this manager or this Company. Run! Less

Sorry for the bad experience you had on this particular interview. The feedback is very valuable to us. Hopefully, we can take your negative experience to address some of these issues we have within this particular group. Less

What did you take action to make employees in discipline?

1 Answers

Our standard action like giving warning letter & show cause notices,Making circular etc. Less


How would you describe your Recruiting philosophy

1 Answers

I answered that I thought recruiting didn't stop after the first day.


Do you mind working for some dysfunctional senior managers? And are you OK if our COO and CEO both belive in Scientology?

1 Answers

I would poop sunshine

PLS Mechanical

Tell us about your experience in dealing with employee relations.

1 Answers

I described several examples of recent issues I had handled and a little bit about my philosophy in dealing with employees. Less


How you would add value?

1 Answers

I put my experience to let them know how did i add value in past employers and how i can add value into this organization. Less


Können Sie sich vorstellen flexibel in Teilzeit zu arbeiten? Das heißt eine Woche x Stunden, die andere Woche y Stunden. Beworben hatte ich mich auf eine Vollzeitstelle. Ich hatte kein Interesse in Teilzeit zu arbeiten. Auch hier wieder mangelhafte Kommunikation mit dem Bewerber. Ich wäre der Einladung zum Gespräch nicht gefolgt, hätte ich vorher gewusst, dass es sich mittlerweile um eine Teilzeit-Stelle handelt. Gefragt wurde dies übrigens erst ganz am Ende des Gesprächs.

1 Answers


Plymouth Tube

What has been your experience with leading a staff?

1 Answers

Why are you considering leaving your current position?

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