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Sr. Director of Sales was asked...5 May 2009

Why did you leave your last job?

1 Answers

Company was downsizing and if phasing out the DFW operations.


knowledge about fixed income

1 Answers

very well


Are you comfortable working from home.

1 Answers

I've done it before and I am quite happy to do it.

Coherus BioSciences

What were my reasons for the frequent employment changes over the last 6 years

1 Answers

Gave clear and rationale reasons for my employment changes which they acknowledged and fully understood. Less

VIAVI Solutions

[*] Tell me something about yourself, your professional and personal background like family, etc. [*] Which was the most challenging project for you? [*] What type of Vendor management experience you have. [*] Tell me which project had Service Cloud/Sales Cloud and how did you use it. [*] How did you use Sales/Service cloud in the project being discussed. [*] After all question/answer session, asked whether I would like to add anything more which has not been covered during our discussions. [*] Tell me about your experience in establishing and handling SFDC Practice.

1 Answers

[*] Vendor Mgmt - told that dealing with outside IT Services vendor for project implementation and also the product team from Oracle, etc. Google Vendor Mgmt too for a constructive answer. [*] For uncovered points, I have added few more points relevant to SFDC Practice handling. [*] Highlighted that I have experience in SOW, contract preparation, reviews, etc. Less


How do you think you are able to manage staff

1 Answers

tell me what you now about the company, platforms and sales and marketing

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Are you comfortable with a more heavily incentive based compensation plan than the job description initially indicated?

1 Answers

That depends on how it’s structured and what expectations the team and senior management have for performance. Less

HD Supply

They inquired extensively about my sales tax background, including: POS, tax calculation, improvements, research techniques, and personal goals.

1 Answers

Answers were experience driven.


Are you able to hold a first customer meeting without Solution Architect ?

1 Answers

I don’t need initial support from Solution Architects - only after qualifying a lead and choosing to continue with the opportunity. Less


Previously existing relationships

1 Answers

Though I had a lot of experience and a lot of existing relationships, I thought it was important for them to know that those relationships would not turn into accounts unless their offering was adequate and seen as valuable. Less

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