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Senior Director Recruiting was asked...18 September 2021

Wanted to learn about experience in line of the role

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Specific answers with all details possible

Transcom WorldWide

What were the key success metrics you and your management used in previous roles? Describe your most important achievements in previous jobs? Why were these important? How did your achievements and successes contribute to the overall performance outcomes of your previous employers? What would you describe to be your personal developmental challenges? How would your direct reports describe your management style? What would they way were your strengths, and what would be your weaknesses? What achievements are you most proud of? How would your peers describe you and your contributions to your function and the company? What would your superiors say about your contributions and achievements? What do you know of this company? Why are you interested to join this company? What do you hope to contribute with your talent and experience?

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I describe the quantitative results I achieved, the resources required for the achievements, and the time it took to deliver the results I targeted. i describe how I organized my team to achieve results in a consistent and reliable manner. Performance targets of my direct reports were also outlined and agreed upon. I also describe the strategic importance of my contributions to the overall growth and achievement of quarterly targets and expectations. I also describe what the achievements enabled the company and my functional responsibility to achieve because of the attainment. Less

Please try to be as detailed as possible regarding the technical question, business case, etc.


How would you go about scaling hiring for 100 people over 2022?

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