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Pharm-Olam International
Senior Clinical Research Associate was asked...24 October 2012

Describe a mistake you made at work, how you handled it, and what you learned from it.

2 Answers

Trained myself and corrected the problem.

Come up with your own but ahead of time. It's hard to think of a good one on the spot. Less

Image Core Lab

about my clinical background and technical experience

1 Answers

watever i did i explain.


What is one change you were responsible for in your previous role?

1 Answers

Quality-based system (confidential)


Tell me one thing that your manager would like you to work on.

1 Answers

Review your annual performance evaluation!


what is your current position and tell me your responsibilities? what kind of project are you responsible for?

1 Answers

tell them all details

MKR Clinical Research Consultants

Background and experience questions. What do you look for in a company

1 Answers

Work/Life balance


What makes me qualified for this position and why?

1 Answers

Be honest and use more than facts to answer, this job is a lot of networking and building professional relationships and those who perform this job must be good at connecting to people in various situations. Less


What are some essential components found on the 1572?

1 Answers

basically all the investigators information (name, address, cv) and facilities involve in the trial (name of site, address, laboratory name & address), project title, sponsor's name.. Less


What does ALCOA mean?

1 Answers

Accurate, legible, contemporary,original, attributed


Do you have experience with EMR?

1 Answers

Yes we have sites with EMR.

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