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AIR Worldwide
Technical/Science Writer was asked...22 September 2019

There weren't so much set questions. It was more of a conversation about the job and my background. I did get a bunch of questions about my interest in science.

3 Answers

I have reached out to AIR asking for apologies for the way I was treated. I heard from AO, the HR person there, who apologized. She sounded a bit under duress about it, but I appreciate the gesture regardless. Still waiting to hear from JE. Will update if I do. Less

Further update: JE is evidently no longer with the company, so I doubt I'll be hearing from him. I did hear from the hiring manager who told me that in light of my complaint, they will be reviewing how they communicate with applicants. That's all I can ask, so credit where it's due. Less

There is not a place to note this so I will do it here: This is the second time I interviewed at AIR, the second time I made it to the "finals" and the second time they passed me over. I can understand if there were a better applicant, but the way they chose to inform me is by having the HR person send me a two line note saying, in essence, "We're passing you over for 'business reasons' but let's keep in touch for further opportunities." Really? You're gonna have the HR flunky send me a vague one-liner at 5:10 on a Friday, and then say "Let's keep in touch?" Really? I'm going to let myself be tortured for a third time, only to be disappointed? I can handle being rejected, but when you reject someone for the second time, you owe them a little more than a note from the HR rep. Jeff Evangelista, in particular should be ashamed of himself because he PERSONALLY interviewed me twice and was content to let the one-liner email happen. He should have called me himself. Less

Technical Resources International

What have you done in the past that applies to this particular job?

1 Answers

I have done research in a lab and this job was writing about research in a lab, so I am familiar with medical terms and jargon. Less

Cancer Research UK

How to start a news article

1 Answers

I talked about beginning with a lead —a paragraph to open up the article

They asked, looking at my resume, if there was anything I wanted them to ask me.

1 Answers

Just point out something from your resume that you think fits in well with the position, or something you want to showcase that you've done. Update 7/21/2014: I got called in a for a second interview. They sent me a writing assignment, where I wrote an article on a topic relating to malpractice. Within one day, they requested a second interview. The overall process took about one month: June 26: I submitted application through June 30: PIAAasked for 2 writing samples July 8: PIAA asked me to come in for 1st interview Jul 11: First interview Jul 18: PIAA asked for a second writing sample according to their topics Jul 21: PIAA asked me to come in for 2nd interview Jul 24: Second Interview August 8: PIAAoffered me employment! So pretty efficient and respectful process. Less

American Institutes for Research

How would you design a test question that incorporates the NGSS standard of engineering a solution and Newton's Second Law of Motion.

1 Answers

I said that I would have a picture of a ramp and different objects for the students to evaluate how they moved down and off the ramp. I have no idea if this was correct because I got no feedback. Less

Education and Training Systems International

Are you willing to work for $55k/yr?

1 Answers

This offer indicates that you're not looking for someone with my skill set.

The Scientific Consulting Group

Are you planning to move to Gaithersburg immediately?

1 Answers

I am prepared to move with appropriate notice.

RTI International

Have you ever made a mistake?

1 Answers

Have you ever pushed back?

Great Minds

Standard phone interview. The task is extensive! That is the "difficult" part. Not the content if you know what you are doing but the time involved to include all the aspects of a quality lesson.

1 Answers

I provided an NGSS 5E lesson design. I am not sure what they are looking for. Disappointed because I have reviewed their product and it is well designed in NGSS. Less

Massachusetts General Hospital

All questions were relevant to the assignment. I was asked about my knowledge of statistics, and my experience with specific software. These reasonable questions were within the framework of my expectations.

1 Answers

I would anticipate that other applicants would be asked questions about their knowledge of specific software and experience with consulting National Institutes of Health PubMed literature databases. These skills are necessary for the work. Less

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