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Schmitty and Sons
School Bus Driver was asked...2 June 2017

Do you like working with kids?

6 Answers



I like working with kids not sure I did. The first question right

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Durham School Services

Have you had a speeding ticket recently?

4 Answers


Not in the past seven years.

Not in the past seven years.

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First Student

Please rank the following in order of importance to you: safety, timeliness, customer service

3 Answers

I ranked them safety, customer service, and timeliness.

Safety, Customer Service, & Time

I believe safety and timeliness are an important part of providing great customer service. Less

First Student

Q: You dropped a disabled child off at her stop on the afternoon run, but when you get home and are about to have dinner you get a call saying they never came home. What do you do?

3 Answers

Go Look For The Child, & If I Can't Find The Call Dispatch, Or The Cops

The answer is that you never leave a disabled child off the bus, unless there is someone at the stop to get them. Less

They literally are looking for you to answer that you would go back and try to locate the student. Less

Broward County Public Schools

Have I ever been convicted of a crime.

3 Answers



I responded with a no answer.

Southland Transportation

What you do you do if two teenagers start fighting while your driving the school bus.

3 Answers

Drive to the nearest police

First of all I've tried to stop them do not fight . if they don't stop I'll call the police . Less

Pull Over and see if I can do a difference and stop them. If I have to I would change their seats or separate them from each other with a warning that I will call the Police if they dont behave. Less

Southland Transportation

How much are you interested to give a ride to kids?

3 Answers

Awesome. The kid's world is joyful

I want this job

I want this job

First Student

She asked a few people, "What colour is a school bus?" I think that she was testing a few peoples' communication skills - one guy was very asian and took about five attempts to answer the question before he finally said "yellow".

3 Answers

So, I've concluded that they're sifting through tons of people to find the rare super-responsible and capable person who is willing to work for next to nothing. Less


Yellow for the school buses in the whole world

Attridge Transportation

why would you work for this job?

3 Answers

Looking for more expeirence for driving and I like kids and enjoy driving.

Like I am a delivery driver and a father of two adorable girls,I would like to pass some more time with kids Less

I want to work for my family

Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky)

Do you know your way around the city well?

2 Answers

YES and sometimes no


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