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Choose a Google product and describe what you would improve

2 Answers

My answer was bad, I said something about creating several paths in Google Maps. I wasn't expecting this question.

Hello! After successfully completing my interviews, I started at Google as a PM a while back. Seeing that there were not many useful interview prep guides specific to Google, I’ve created a document & study guide that gives all the details about my experience, the questions I’ve been asked and their detailed answers. You can buy the e-book at: I’ve sold this interview prep book to many Google Manager candidates already and received many 5 star reviews. The book proved to be very useful for all types of manager/account associate interviews at Google! You can see the reviews of my buyers at the bottom of the service detail page linked above. The book will give you a clear advantage during your interviews. You’re welcome to buy it from the website. thanks and good luck with your interview process! Alex

Media/ Technology/SocialMedia/Sales

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An example of how I had helped out a customer

1 Answer

my biggest flaw?

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Outline a time when your team failed to meet a business objective?

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What motivates you?

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describe yourself

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If I hand you a list with 1000 customers where would you start ( in terms of sales calls, prospecting etc)?

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tell us about the company

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They asked me how I would segment and plan a territory for success

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