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Why are you a suitable candidate for this position?

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I spoke about my characteristics that apply to the position and used aspects of my previous work experience that would help me add value to the company.

Describe a time you were made leader of something that you are passionate about?

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Why buy Salesforce

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something about moving into a new house and selling your old one that was dangerous to live in

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If there is one thing we should know about you, what is it?

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What were your main responsibilities in your last job?

Tell me about yourself What favorite technologies How wold you fit in this position

LOGS/FILES ANALYSIS You were tasked to analyse the following log file. 1 2018-10-11 200 test 2 2019-10-04 201 test 4 2018-08-11 302 stage 7 2019-02-11 400 ci 10 2017-10-11 403 prod 11 2019-10-11 500 test For the following tasks, use 2 different tools, techniques or methods to: Extract all IP addresses. Count unique IP addresses NETWORKING Why do we need PORTS? How do you determine if a PORT is OPEN/CLOSED/BLOCKED? Provide 5 different use cases for SSH What tools are available to you in order to troubleshoot networking issues? Why and how will you use each one of them? DEVELOPMENT (ETL) Choose the coding language, framework, libraries and IDE that you are most comfortable with and: Connect to any REST API (source) Query any of the available endpoints to retrieve data Modify the data in any way you wish Save the modified data in a DB of your choice (destination) Log your actions for later debugging Based on the above task/results How do you know if the ‘sync” (ETL) was successful? Can you write a ‘test’ for it? DATABASE/ARCHITECTURE What is the main use case for PK? How will you detect duplicates in a table that has no PK? TROUBLESHOOTING Please answer the following questions in correlation with Fivetran's infrastructure / services. You are in charge of the following support case: "Hey Fivetran Support Team, All of our connectors are failing to sync. Please advise." Assume that you’ll be communicating with the customer over an email/ticketing system What will be your initial questions (within the 1st email/response) What will be your follow-up questions within the 2nd email/response, based on the client’s answers. (assume that you’ve got all of your questions answered) How will your questions change if only 1 connector failed to sync? EMAIL COMMUNICATION Assume that you provided a workaround for a product defect. Customer isn’t happy with the workaround provided and indicates that the engineering team needs to re-prioritize the issue and provide an immediate fix since it is affecting their business. Engineering is guaranteeing a fix will be deployed at the end of the quarter. Formulate communication to address their business needs and closure of investigation.

Are you really willing to move from technical engineering to sales/business?

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