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What would you do if one team member frequently underperforms?

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I'd definitely offer my help in the following form: - I'd ask, if he'd be interested in sitting down together and talking his situation through - I'd try to find out, why the member thinks he/she is underperforming and what the problems are in not meeting the expectations - if the problems are more of a psychological nature I'd offer my help in finding professional support - I'd suggest to help by -> practicing his tasks with me and suggesting improvements -> encouraging him/her to talk with other peers and the team lead about his situation, thus maybe lowering his/her goals for a certain period of time, to lower the pressure -> sharing my "secrets to success", my actions to reach my goals

I think this first of all depends on whether I have responsibility over his/her performance (e.g. as project leader) or not (so we are just colleagues). Let's assume I'm a colleague. Probably approaching the other person is the most difficult task, since he/she is likely somewhat ashamed about the underperformance and struggles to discuss it. So I would try to shift such a talk in a very causal ambience, e.g. going for a beer or so. Before mentioning the performance topic, I would start by trying to understand whether the person is having a good time in the company/private life/... (if they eventually mention their underperformance first, things are much easier). Once the performance topic is reached, my further behavior would depend on her reaction > in case the person seems a little under-confident and fussed about the work, I would offer i) some immediate help by discussing the work process and clarifying some issues, ii) some coaching (in case I am good in the task) or iii) to switch roles for some time (in case I do something different) and see whether they get better along with what I do. > in case the person does not seem to care a lot about work performance, I would most likely report the case the team leader.

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