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Risk Management Associate was asked...27 June 2015

Tell me about a challenging event in your job history and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

What are your best and weakest qualities?


How to model people's preference on two credit cards?

1 Answers

Why is this a difficult question? Isn't this a logistic regression that is being asked. Acc to me answer depends on the product features and customer profile. The card with the more credit limit, less APR, intro offers, features should have more preference. Less

Capital Group

Tell us about a time you took the initiative to make a change without being asked by a manager.

1 Answers

I reflected on several of my process improvement initiatives utilizing the STAR format. Less


Why are you interested in joining Tokopedia?

1 Answers

Tokopedia is a very large e-commerce company that has transformed into a very influential unicorn in Indonesia and SouthEast Asia. Tokopedia is also a company that has a very positive impact on society, especially for Indonesian MSMEs. Less


They asked me some questions about how I got to be in the field, why I was changing careers, etc.

1 Answers

I told them I had decided midway into a career in design to put myself through business school, where I became interested in earning an MIS degree. While earning the degree I became enamoured with Information Security as a specialty. Less

National Interstate

Please describe your position.

1 Answers

Me: I manage claims for my company that include Workers Compensation and General Liability . . . Her: Oh, so your a claims adjuster. Me: No (the rest of my answer and subsequently the interview mirrored the unprofessionalism of the interruption. Less


Why consulting?

1 Answers

I want to surround myself with passionate and ambitious people, and also learn the softer skills involved in consulting (i.e. client-facing skills). Less


1. How to check the variable is unique in SAS or to find duplicates in a dataset? 2. Once you identified the duplicates, how to remove? 3. How to convert numeric value to char in SQL 4. Explain differnces in left join, right join, inner join and outer join in SQL

1 Answers

1. PROC FREQ; TABLES keyvar/noprint out=keylist; RUN; PROC PRINT; WHERE count ge 2; RUN; Create a dataset with all the values of the key variable. Then scans the distribution to find any values that have a count value of 2 or more and prints them 2. NODUP option on PROC SORT to remove records where every variable in this record matches every variable in the last observation 3. put function in SQL Less


There were situational questions based on risk analysis.

1 Answers

Answer the situational questions how you think you'd maneuver it, seeing as that you don't know company policy. Less

Bank of America

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

It's difficult as you are trying to figure out how to sell yourself and how you are unique but also match your answer to the criteria they are looking for. Less

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