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Burlington Stores
Assistant Retail Store Manager was asked...19 September 2015

everything you can imagine.

3 Answers

In order to apply for a management position or any other job for that matter, you must know how to use proper grammar. If this post is any indication of your written skills, it translates into your verbal skills which is essential when communicating with direct report, peers and associates. Less


the best of my knowledge

Boot Barn

Tell me about your work background?

3 Answers

I have worked at a few places where I did sales and cashiering. so I have on the floor/sales floor experience! I was a cashier at truck stop, I worked at Walmart. I was a photographer, and worked at a few day cares. I loved everyone of my jobs! I'm willing to try something different, see what's out there and to meet new people! I'm up for a challenge! Less

I was Mng for Catos for 1.5 yrs. I was Mng at Shoe Sensation for about 2 yrs , very dependable, always goes above and beyond, can work any shifts . Less

Reviewed the key points from my previous positions. Focused on my accomplishments and successfully being part of the team. Less


Give a specific example of a time when you had to direct a team to complete a project. How did you determine who to assign and how to break down the tasks?

2 Answers

I referred to previous team efforts and refferred to them as such in my response? Less

I referred to previous team efforts and referred to them as such in my response.


Tell me about a time when you dealt with an upset customer.

3 Answers

Well they were not a customer. But I knocked on a door to sell a kirby grabbed my kirby to demo. Started the demo. Then the man just stared screaming threw me and my belongings outside. In a nice area. I told him ty for his time was sorry. His older son 30s had let me in I didnt know it was not his house. At the time cell phones were not popular. I asked if I could call my boss to pick me up ...he declined..yelled some more. So I had to leave his driveway....I just knew I did the best I could and didnt want that to ruin an opportunity for me. What if the neighbor was the nicest person on I put my attitude in check wiped off my tears. Got into the next house, and they bought 2. My first time selling 2 in a home. I made 1400 w that sale. I could of sulked and let the negativity get me but I persevered and it paid off. Less

Later that week I knocked again on the man's door not realizing it was the same door. He opened it and I said I was sry but I forgot to give him his gift for letting me in. He smiled and said he was sorry he had a horrible day still didnt want a demo but was happy w his gift Less

Mentioned how I had dealt with a specific customer and made them happy.


whats your worst quality

2 Answers

I have OCD...

I have OCD...

University of Colorado Boulder

There are 8 major allergens commonly identified in the United States, and CU has chosen to recognize an additional one. What are they?

2 Answers

CU Boulder sponsored a research project called A9 Allergen Project. It found that Gluten should be the 9th allergen added to the 8 recognized by the FDA (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, dairy and wheat). Less

CU Boulder sponsored a research project called the A9 Allergen Project. It found that Gluten should be the 9th allergen added to the 8 recognized by the FDA (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, dairy and wheat). Less

MAC Cosmetics

How do you handle multiple customers when you are the only one at the counter?

2 Answers

Take all the customer to show them the top category of products in common and ask for there interest like if client want to know about Foundation and another client wants to know about primer so will take the customers to face category and illustrate then the steps of product and its result with and without applying primer and foundation. Multiple customer gives more opportunity to sell and achiev targets easily rather than individual customer. As customers gets influence from another and that's power of makeup artist to show case pros and cons in that category of makeup cosmetics. Less

communicate effectively to all of your customers, check in with them constantly, give them " stations" to work at, grab surrounding sales associates for help ringing, group sell, exchange first names with your customers Less


I was asked about a time when I thought my supervisor was wrong and how did I handle it.

2 Answers

360 degree coaching is important. Having an effective dialogue with the supervisor would be best. Less

Supervisors are never wrong.


Tell me a time when you had to deliver bad news to a supervisor?

2 Answers

there are two major ways to deliver a bad news; direct method and good new-bad news methods. whatever method you choose ensure you show emphathy and great commmunication skill Less

Be sure to put a positive spin on this but still give an example that show good commenication skills and analytical thought Less


If you were hired, can we expect you to stay with us for more than one year?

1 Answers

If I were to be offered the position, I do plan on staying in the area for at least five years. I do not plan on going anywhere once hire into the position, however I cannot make any promises. Less

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