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Columbia River Mental Health
Residential Counselor was asked...3 September 2019

Was I comfortable with public speaking?

2 Answers


I wanted to test myself and learn, grow as an individual.

Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare

Describe PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Bi- Polar.

2 Answers

PTSD a mental health condition from a traumatic experience in the past. Trigger by flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety. Less

Just gave them some info on each


What do you think is a main cause of homelessness?

2 Answers

Mental illness

A desperation to flee from one's situation then a lack of planning or resources to sustain one's self coupled with depression, shame and lack of skills. Less

Santa Maria Hostel

How I handle difficultsituations

1 Answers

I was honest

Lahey Health Behavioral Services

Why I wanted to work in a residential facility and what were my long term goals.

1 Answers

Wanted a challenging rewarding career. Hoped the job would help me figure out what exactly I wanted in a career. Less

Columbia River Mental Health

Who did I look up to?

1 Answers

The answer did not matter. Come to find out they were wasting my time not even going to hire me even though I already was working as a different job position at the same facility. Less


What would you do if a tenant threatened to attack you and is behaving aggressively?

1 Answers

I would keep my voice calm while trying to deescalate the situation. If I feel I am in immediate danger I will call 911 and remember to let them know the person is mentally ill. Less

Children's Receiving Home

What would you do if one of the girls started to get violent with herself?

1 Answers

Alert supervisory staff. Maintain eye contact and try to calm young lady down. Be aware of items in the vicinity that could possibly be used to cause self harm. Utilize deescalation skills in an attempt to reduce the chance of self harm and violence. If self harm occurs, notify medical staff and escalate medical protocols as needed( 911, ambulances, hospital). Document incident afterwards , case notes, behavioral notes and treatment notes. Less

Children's Receiving Home

If you got a job here, and a child's family invited you out to dinner, how would you handle that?

1 Answers


Mental Health Association of CT

Do you gossip in the workplace? Will you be nice to management? Can you make sure that you do not make friends with your coworkers?

1 Answers

Unreal. There are no answers to questions like this.

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