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Regulatory Compliance was asked...21 February 2015

Please go through your resume step by step and tell me about your experiences.

2 Answers

I did as requested.

Looks like they wanted to find out the reason of each job change. And in the end, they also asked me what is my reason of change current job. Less

SBM Offshore

Couple of behavioral questions.

1 Answers

No unexpected question as such.


How would you do a constructional review? Product is rated 1 A; during inspection, a 2 A fuse is found; what do you do as a product safety engineer?

1 Answers

If I was a mind reader I would have been able to better answer these questions. It wasn't good enough that I have over 30 years of direct regulatory experience - he was looking for what he was looking for which he couldn't explain well to me after my answers. Makes me think twice before I'd buy a Belkin product. Less


Tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

The purpose of this question is to tie in the individuals experiences to the position and how the position and individual are a match. Think of it as a win-win. Less

Houston Methodist

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

1 Answers

I essentially said that I was eager to learn, honest, and am adaptable to different types of people and communication. For weaknesses, I said that I wished I had more clinical expertise. Less


What are your most noticeable shortcoming?

1 Answers

You have to be honest, I told them it was my lack of internal assessment when I needed help. Less


Knowledge of Regulations (Specific), Behavioral questions

1 Answers

Honestly and openly with no pretense


Standard questions about experience and the ability to perform the tasks associated with the position. The position was advertised as remote and the interviewers said that they expected that I show up in the office 3 times a week. The HR representative agreed that the position was a remote position.

1 Answers

My opinion is that this is an indicator of the culture of the company at this location. Less


Tell me when you have to work with a difficult person

1 Answers

Always tell about your experience in a positive way and sum up with what you learned as lessson Less

Hilton Grand Vacations

Tell me about your background and how it relates to the role.

1 Answers

I have been in business my entire life. I have managed 11 stores for advance America. I’ve been in a call center setting for many years. I believe in positive reinforcement but also he sure that you we keep our employees that we do not have a large turnover of employees Less

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