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Regulatory Compliance was asked...21 February 2015

Please go through your resume step by step and tell me about your experiences.

2 Answers

I did as requested.

Looks like they wanted to find out the reason of each job change. And in the end, they also asked me what is my reason of change current job. Less

Sovereign Health Group

They asked me about my previous experiences, what I learned from them and how my experiences would be helpful to their company if I get selected

1 Answers

It was a riddle; a bit tacky, but not difficult to crack

US Army Corps of Engineers

What do you think is the mission of the Corp?

1 Answers

The corps's mission is to "deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our nation's security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters." Less

National Indemnity Company

How many bottles of shampoo are used on the US a year

1 Answers

They just wanted to know your thought process in coming up with an answer


Typical conditional situational questions used by Amazon

1 Answers

Concisely, correctly and with a great deal of experience.

Houston Methodist

How do you perform under pressure?

1 Answers

I gave an example of a time that I was working on a tight deadline and was still able to crank things out on time, and said that I even thrive under pressure. Less


Tell me about a time you received feedback about a project you were working on. How did you implement that feedback to the project, and what was the outcome?

1 Answers

Talked about my senior capstone project and how I needed to reach out to my instructor to clarify instructions and brought her my outline for my project and had her look over it so that she could give feedback on it. I implemented that feedback into my project and did well on all parts of the project. Less


how do you know sas

Kwik Trip

Tell me about a random act of kindness you did recently.

Kindred Group

Mostly knowledge-based and 'speculative' questions about industry, specific EU markets, and about the company, with few 'standard' competency questions. Interview with HR involved some strength-based questions and other meant to ascertain my suitability as an individual. A recurring question was regarding what I know about the company.

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