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Omnes Healthcare
Referral Coordinator was asked...20 February 2020

When can you start

2 Answers

I won't be having found out the wages

Am available and can start any time but I need help to relocate

UT Southwestern Medical Center

My strengths

2 Answers

Were you offered the job? What other questions did they ask you? How many managers interviewed you at once? Less

Multi tasker, customer service driven

Central Florida Family Health Center

Interviewer: " I do things a little different, I give tests to applicants to see if they pass the test to determine if I’ll even interview them"

1 Answers

(Screw ball face) Excuse me? Did I not possess some if not all the qualities you needed? I can understand testing applicants to prove that, but as a requirement for an interview that you scheduled a week in advance? Dear Interviewer: It is not fair however to be an hour late, guide the applicant to a comfortable area then proceed to begin the interview with " I do things a little different, I give tests to applicants to see if they pass the test to determine if I’ll even interview them" Now the idea of testing isn't so bad, it's the fact that the test itself was based on questions outside the job description given and applied for. Yes a lot of the terminology was familiar to the role but was outside the scope of the position in question. How can you do such a thing? In this competitive day and age... employers are getting more and more selective but that isn't being selective that's unfair... how can you prepare and compete for a position that isn't all that it's presented to be? Is it even a real role available for employment? Is the position being given to someone and the employer just playing out the interviewing process to profess fairness? In any event... I feel the interviewing process for today was terribly conducted. Good luck to anyone else. Less

Turtle Entertainment

Will work more time than we're paying you for?

1 Answers

Yes, within reason.

Sunshine Health

None asked...which I studied for the previous night and on my way to interview, and was surprised no questions was asked. LOL Just basically looked over my Resume thoroughly smiled and nodded. Supervisor just went over the job and duties, training, what she was looking for, what she would not tolerate and what she required from her employees which really wasn’t too much to ask. Basically come to work! Do your work! And most importantly don’t be late! Supervisor was very very pleasant. Very quiet environment!

1 Answers

I asked: How long have you been with this company and where do you see it growing in the next 2-3 years? Do you have any hesitations about my background or resume as it pertains to this opportunity? Less

Welk Resort Group

questions: Why did you apply for this position? How are you with scripts?

1 Answers

Wanted to work for a "brand" that is known and respected. Want to work with no limit on potential income. Less

Amicus Medical Centers

Have I ever seen management being unprofessional.

1 Answers

Yes, and gave a scenario when I observed management being unprofessional.

AIM Specialty Health

Could I commit to being punctual and able to work my schedule as this was key in a call center where callers need to provided with reliable customer service.

1 Answers

I felt confident in meeting this requirement, and it did not seem too difficult to commit to this expectation. Less


Mostly behavioral questions.

1 Answers

Used examples from my previous experiences.

Illinicare Health

They asked what I am I looking for in a company. They also asked what kind of work am I currently doing. And how much am looking for compensation. They wanted to know do I think ill be a good asset to the company They asked me to tell them a time I had a issue with a patient and how did I handle it.

1 Answers


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