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Graduate Business Psychology Consultant was asked...23 February 2017

What have you done in a new situation where you have to produce something but do not have a lot of ideas on a specific matter and how would you deal with the situation (not the exact question but something in a similar line).

2 Answers

Personally, for me I struggled with the competency based questions as I didn't have relevant work experience to give examples from on how I resolved the issue etc. I had to use a lot of examples from my uni group work or part-time work during uni. Less

Hey, just wondering how long it took to find out that you hadn't been successful? Less

What is your highest degree

1 Answers

Doctorat degree

Are you willing to become an Evangelist?

1 Answers

I answered Yes.

University of Sussex

Why do you want to do psychology

1 Answers

Because I want to apply it to my job as a teacher

Aashman Foundation

Q. Understanding about the subject of Psychology

1 Answers

Understanding of feelings thoughts and behaviour


Any presentations or publications?

1 Answers

Yes, listed on resume


Interview was through natural & relaxed conversation with regard to my clinical experience.

1 Answers

Explained the capacity of my past positions along with insight of clinical work in the context of working with corrections. Less

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Why do you think you would be a good fit for our research team? How did you hear about our research being conducted? How familiar with working with veterans with post-traumatic stress and other disorders are you? Things like this, the interviewers were two doctors, both very nice people and it was very casual. I was quizzed a little on my knowledge of neurology and neuropsychology, but it was not intimidating or stressful.

1 Answers

"I have read many of your journal articles, Dr._________, and I have found them to be fascinating and really align with my career and academic interests. This is why I felt compelled to contact you, to see if I could be part of a team that is conducting such exciting research" or something along those lines. Less

Hofstra University

What do you know about I/O?

1 Answers

Told them about the different courses I took and the theories I knew

International Psychology Centre
Psychology was asked...11 December 2019

Past experience

1 Answers

I answered my past experience with the relevant post I am applied for

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