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Employers hiring project coordinators are looking for candidates with the organisational skills and communication abilities to oversee project logistics. Duties may include coordinating meetings, updating project schedules, training staff and ensuring that important information is relayed to the right people. Expect to answer questions that will assess your ability to solve problems, streamline project workflow and excel in a team. Any experience of using project management software is a plus.

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Top Project Coordinator Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top project coordinator interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you approach problem-solving challenges?

How to answer: Start by explaining how you minimise problems before they arise. Provide an overview of how you approach problems once you have identified them. As you frame your response to the question, talk about a specific problem you have faced in the past and outline which methods you used to solve it. Finish your answer by highlighting what lessons you learned from the experience.

Question No. 2: How do you handle competing requests and priorities for your time?

How to answer: A project coordinator needs to manage myriad details, and each project stakeholder can have different priorities and deadlines. Explain how you analyse and prioritise each component in the overall context of the project. Highlight the fact that you can be flexible with your time but that your focus is always on the project's goals. Also, mention how you communicate with different stakeholders to keep them on track and manage their expectations along the way.

Question No. 3: What project management experience would you bring to this position?

How to answer: A project coordinator can be an entry-level role in project management, so you won't always be expected to have direct project management experience. Draw on any experience you've had that demonstrates your ability to stay organised and precise. You can provide examples of work you've done for university group projects, organising surveys or preparing for an event.

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BJC HealthCare
Project Coordinator was asked...30 November 2022

Bjc is big on behavior questions so be prepared to give at least three examples of a time that…….

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Short and to the point

I was asked for a detailed overview of my roles previously held with previous employers.

Tell me about yourself. Why are you applying to this role? What do you like about

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How does your experience prepare you to work in a fast-paced environment?


Talk about a time you didn’t agree with a decision made by your manager and what did you do?


Expérience en gestion de projet


What project management experience do you have?

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Have you ever made a mistake during a previous job?


How are your excel skills


- How do you see yourself? Could you list three core strengths you have? - Describe your last job (duties and responsibilities) - What do you know about this job?

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