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How would you launch YouTube in Turkey?

2 Answers

YouTube is banned in Turkey because they allow users to post videos that criticize Ataturk.

YouTube is not banned anymore, plus the majority of the people could still access it even with the ban.

Tell me about yourself

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How do you define role of PM?

1 Answer

Give examples of where you used quantitive data.

1 Answer

Homework Case: Assume that the current product objectives for the Pivotal Tracker web application are to -improve engagement in the app -improve visibility into a project's high level progress for executives who don't regularly use Tracker (as opposed to a Product Managers or Engineers who use it daily). Questions: -Define engagement and visibility -Present a 90-day product roadmap to internal stakeholders addressing these objectives -Measure success for each objective and describe specific feature-sets

2 Answers

Extempore work case: Design a ping-pong app for the Pivotal office where -one can find an ad-hoc player for a match -record results -keep ranking Come up with a prioritized backlog on index cards (collaborative role-play with one acting as Business, the other as user & me as the Product Manager)

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Recruiter asked general questions. He told me I would hear back about the next stage in the following week.

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How would you highlight the impact of the product change in order to persuade your team mate to work on your suggestion?

Discuss the challenges Paddy Power has in relation to payment processing.

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