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What would you do if you were working with someone that appeared to be upset

3 Answers

I would comfort them and try to work through what was troubling them and calm them

I would do my best to work out what the problem is and help them to sort it out

I would do my best to work out what was troubling them and sort out the problem and calm them down

Tell us about a time you implemented a new idea

1 Answer

what do you know about Stryker

1 Answer

tell me about yourslef

1 Answer

What did I know about the company

1 Answer

The usual, do you have experience, why would want to work for us, Can you commit to a repetitive job.

1 Answer

Why Boston Scientific, boring work and how I would handle that etc.

1 Answer

Did you worked in clean room before?

1 Answer

How have you handled conflict with a co-worker previously?

1 Answer
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