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JPMorgan Chase & Co
Private Client Banker was asked...31 August 2022

Why did i want to leave current job


They asked about a time I had a difficult client and how I handled it.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Lot of personality test and some basic question in the video to record.

Brickell Personnel Consultants

How long have you not been registered?

Rand Merchant Bank

What can you tell us about financial planning

1 Answers

I explained the difference facets of financial planning

J.P. Morgan

Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager.


Tell me something about yourself/Tell me when you made a quick decision/What are some of your strengths/What's happening in the world today

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Just general interview questions like introduce yourself, your goals in 5 years, what do you know about your current role, and your current job etc.


Tell me about your work experience?


Background, motivation, why UBS, how will you bring in business.

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