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Private Client Banker was asked...22 October 2020

Would I be available to work some weekends and or later after close if there was a pending audit?

2 Answers

I stated, I would be agreeable to work some weekends. As well, I would be happy to assist if need with an audit. Less

Yes, my job is my #1 priority, anything to assist with a cohesive effort, whether it requires working some weekends Less

Oltre quelle classiche di routine, diverse sulla percezione del cambiamento consapevole e di come e perchè volessi uscire dalla mia zona di confort

1 Answers

Nella maniera piu' sincera e diretta possibile

Rand Merchant Bank

What can you tell us about financial planning

1 Answers

I explained the difference facets of financial planning

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Tell me about a current event that interests you and why?

1 Answers

This was asked by HR, and was simple since the other reviews here prepared me for it. Make sure you are ready for it. Less


Why do you want to work for Synovus?

1 Answers

It's a good company with excellent values.


I have 5 qualified candidates. Why should I choose you?

1 Answers

talked about my personality and referred to prior success

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Describe why you’re right for this role.

1 Answers

Customer service background experience and sales experience in banking and retail. Less

Union Bank

Why do you think you are qualified to work with your director?

1 Answers

I feel this is a question for my hiring managers.


Your top3 strength/ one weakness

1 Answers

How would you handle a very upset customer?


Sell me this notepad within 5 minute's

1 Answers

Good day Mrs Jones I'd like to speak to about our new range of notepads, but first I'd like you to tell me what you are looking for in a notepad so that we could make future improvements to our notepads to meet your specifications. Thanks for that mam. I see that you value quality, price and efficient delivery and I am glad to tell you that with our new range of notepads we are able to meet your specifications with delivery speed that exceeds your expectations. Less

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