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Antylia Scientific
Print Production Manager was asked...20 April 2019

please tell us about your current day to day or weekly responsibilities

2 Answers

I detailed a typical week of work life.

Weird. How did they score an interview on a Saturday?


would you be able to work 8:30 to 5:30 SHIFT?

1 Answers



Based on your resume, your career seems to be leading to a more of a creative path regardless of what you may have said today. I worry that you will not be happy in this position. Where do you see your career going?

1 Answers

The statements prior to the question made it very clear that they had already made up their mind about me. It made it very difficult to answer the question without saving myself from the judgement of the statements prior. Less

G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers

Felt like a traditional interview questions being asked in person.

1 Answers

I am not a fan of the typical interview questions that have very similar answers. Less


What was a problem you experienced and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

The question was not difficult but based on the questions asked it was the most "difficult" interview question posed. Less

Office Depot

Concerning Individual product's quality control and how to manage it.

1 Answers

Pulling random samples within an hour's time frame

Designs for Health

My Question to them: How stable is this company? Will investors take it over?

1 Answers

Remember we are interviewing them too, and with the information on Glassdoor shows this budding Marketing Psychologist that the business practices here are questionable. Without change, and fair pay, this male dominated company will always have a revolving door of employees, with a potential of being consumed by the ever evolving health supplement market. That leaves employees on the curb with a layoff. Less

Lasting Image

How much experience do you have?

1 Answers

I had years of experience

Princess Cruise Lines

Nothing out of the ordinary. All questions related to employment history and approach to tasks and communications. Too many old standards, like "your three strengths" and "three weaknesses". Too text book.

1 Answers

Any one who's done any job search training will opt for the same answers.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

I was prepared for that, but there were no difficult questions, just an unexpected one. CEO asked me how I liked the Academy website. My position would include 40% web editing.

1 Answers

Rather than gush, I took a chance and made a minor negative navigation comment, because I had looked at the site when first asked to come in for an interview. I could tell the CEO liked that. Less

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