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Northrop Grumman
Principal Accountant was asked...2 January 2023

What is your experience with intercompany accounting?

Capital One

What skills would contribute to your effectiveness in this role? Briefly describe what you see as next in your career. How could you position yourself to achieve this goal What have you on recently to develop yourself professionally Describe a time when you had to persuade someone. How do you maintain awareness of what is happening in your industry beyond your organization What is your proudest achievement?

City of San José

Why are you interested in the position?

The Coca-Cola Company

Give me a situation where you experienced adversity and how did you overcome.

Cadence Design Systems

Standard interview questions, very conversational.

Cadence Design Systems

Standard interview questions -- nothing surprising or out of the ordinary.

City of Seattle

They give you a sheet of all the questions you need to answer in 45 min to one hour for the oral part of the interview. Luckily, I have a photographic memory. Below are the questions they will ask. 1. Please describe your education and professional work experience as it relates to accounting. how do you feel your experience specifically relates to this position? 2. What is fund accounting? What is an encumbrance in governmental accounting? What is an escrow payment/deposit and how is it reflected on the balance sheet? 3. What is your experience working with accounting month-end and year end deadlines? Please describe the year end accrual process and your experience processing these types of transactions. 4. Please describe your experience overseeing and supervising/leading accounting staff in meeting deadlines for account reconciliations. 5. Please describe your experience working with Excel. At what level do you consider yourself (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Do you have experience working with pivot tables? 6. Please describe your experience with financial management and accounting systems. What systems have you used? How frequently do you work within the system and what functionalities do you utilize? 7. Please describe your experience creating summary reports of complicated or detailed financial/accounting data for use by project managers and other non-accounting staff? 8. Please describe any experience you have managing changes to systems or business processes due to organizational restructuring or technology changes? 9. What is your approach to handling competing deadlines or multiple workload priorities? 10. In what situations, specifically, would you consult with your supervisor to resolve work-related issues? In what situations, specifically, would you feel comfortable making decisions independently, without consulting your supervisor? 11. Please describe your experience working effectively within a team in a diverse work environment. 12. Please describe your experience working with non-financial staff.

BMC Software

None. Interview was basic.

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