Primary care physician Interview Questions

A primary care physician provides general healthcare services. These professionals are usually the first to perform diagnostics on patients, so they need excellent interpersonal and medical skills. At an interview for this job, expect personality-based and technical questions.

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Top Primary Care Physician Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top primary care physician interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: A patient disagrees with your professional advice. How do you handle this?

How to answer: The hiring manager is evaluating your customer service, interpersonal and communication skills with this personality-based question. Show these abilities by proposing relevant steps, such as using your empathy and active listening skills to understand patient concerns. Talk about giving the patient scientific resources that support your recommendations and referring them to another PCP in your clinic if necessary.

Question No. 2: Tell me about your primary care experience.

How to answer: This question is an opportunity for you to show the hiring manager that you have appropriate on-the-job training. Mine your work experience, read the job description and select experience that best aligns with the job requirements. For example, discuss your average caseload per week and key achievements.

Question No. 3: A colleague seems hostile. How do you handle this?

How to answer: Propose a process that communicates your communication and teamwork skills. Steps can include using empathy and active listening to understand your colleague's behaviour and discussing the problem with other members of your interdisciplinary healthcare team. Also, you can talk about developing an action plan to effectively address the issue and improve your relationship.

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VA Health
Physician (Primary Care) was asked...15 December 2022

how did you handle presenting a poor outcome to your supervisor?

1 Answers

since i have been in private practice for 12 years, this question dose not apply. I recommend coming up with stories to present for some of the more difficult questions. Less

Dignity Health

where will you be staying?

1 Answers

why this location

Kaiser Permanente

Basic questions, most importantly they are just looking to see if you are a good fit for the organization.

1 Answers

More than anywhere else, you need to be a good team player here, everyone pulls together to help each other out, so this is what they will be looking for Less

UW Medicine

Nothing very unusual--how well do you work on a team, how well do you work with others, etc.

1 Answers

After going through the process they opted to go with a different candidate--and canceled my final interview. A very unsatisfying end to the process. I don't have a clear idea of what they were looking for or why they went with someone else. Fortunately, I have since gotten a job elsewhere. Less

Kaiser Permanente

What are you looking for? When can you start?

1 Answers

Flexible schedule, good team


Behavioral Based with a twist involving clinical.

Primary Health Care

How to diagnose manage a child with fever. How to diagnose and manage a patient with a new-onset headache ina 50 years old.

BJC HealthCare

What are you looking for in a practice?


Give me an example of when a patient disagreed with your advice. What did you do or say to convince the patient that your recommendation would be helpful?

CommuniCare Health Centers (TX)

Tell me about your primary care experience.

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