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Planner/Scheduler was asked...18 November 2022

Describe a time where you had to work with a difficult individual.


What is your strongest skill.

1 Answers

Organization is my strongest skill.

Sumberdaya Sewatama

Work experiences, personality, flow business


Why interested in this role?


They asked me to complete a case study.

Sabina Manufacturing

Are you willing to do more than the job description


What would make my job easier

1 Answers

Fully stocked store room


Q: 1)Tell us about yourself? 2) Do you do resource loaded schedules? Y or N 3) What kinds of problems do you encounter when you work with P6? 4) What project stakeholders do you interact with in the line of duty? 5) Do you just typically receive schedules from these stakeholders and just input them in P6 and end your interaction there? 6) How does your diverse career background connect with your long term career?


What do you think you will be doing in this role?

1 Answers

Repeats JD. ok, just checking as some people apply and don’t know what the job is. Less

Calyx Containers

What brands are you passionate about?

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