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Photo Editor was asked...27 March 2017

To describe my best friend

4 Answers

My best friend is very supportive in all my mental spiritual and creative endeavors. Less

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Less

Found excellent read:

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Bugatchi Group

What kind of salary are you looking for?

2 Answers

I answered negotiable but then when I gave a number the CEO just left the room.

How much did you say you wanted?


What do you consider negative about yourself?

2 Answers

Presents of mind is the way to overcome difficult situation and ego never works work until you accept situation. Less

My Egoness lay me down.

What was my experience with Photoshop?

1 Answers

8 months


About e-commerce experience

1 Answers

I had relevant experience but not direct experience.

Aref & Associates Design Studio

work experience

1 Answers


What’s a time you exercised leadership?

1 Answers

Working on a small team, nobody wanted to be the leader. We had 3 weeks to complete and project. In the first three days we had a hard time making decisions. There was no direction. I stepped up. I brought in a cork board and we made our scrum board. Everyone was involved with decision making and we had direction. We completed the project on time. Less


How would I elevate the magazine aesthetic while keeping true to branding

1 Answers

I didn't expect the company to be sold after going through the process for so long. Less


Why did you chose the photos you chose from the test when everyone else chose differently?

1 Answers

Because various photos projected [various] emotions that best represented the articles. Less


What is the most annoying thing you see people do when using Photoshop?

1 Answers

Some people work directly on the original file instead of a copy.

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