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Patent Examiner was asked...22 July 2017

Describe a patent, show differences between few similar patent.

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@Aline Sorry I forgot to answer your first question. I got the invitation around 2 weeks ago. Less

Hi Regina, I have receive the invitation for the Skype interview last week. FYI, the status on the EPO jobs website chnaged to "Interview" a few days before. That's how you'll know you've been shortlisted. Good luck. Less

What I haven't understood yet is if we are all waiting for the Hague or someone who had the final interview in Munich in October is still waiting the result. We, in The Hague, had the interview 2 weeks later but if someone in Munich is still waiting.. this is not encouraging Less

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US Patent and Trademark Office

If given four projects of equal importance with the same due date, what would you do. Be specific

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so basically i was told that the interview is a formality to see you don't raise any red flag. all of our response were rated 1-5 and you just needed minimum 3 Less

just some more info while we all wait(i know this process is painful- ive been through it a few times without good luck, unfortunately) June 13th is the tentative start date for ALL examiners for this round of hiring so that should tell you a lot. i just heard this today and apparently the Supervisors are apparently suppose to turn in their lists by tomorrow so calls/emails obviously follow after that is done. We might hear something later since the start date would be further down the road. i'll keep updating if i find out more or hear back from them. btw, the chemicals and computers i think hear back first and the electrical and mechanicals may hear back later as their interviews were conducted in that order. Less

I applied for EE position and just received notification that I have been selected. Last name starts with "C" and interviewed on April 13th. It seems that the selections for EE and Comp Science will begin to be sent today. It may take until Friday for HR to finish sending all decisions to the applicants. Best of luck to everyone and very grateful to all who have contributed to this posting. Less

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how would you persuade someone

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Sounds like noone heard anything from San Jose today. I guess I'll repeat the process on Monday of checking and my email every 10 minutes! Less

Did they tell you when they are going to get back to you

Hi, I'm not the original poster. However, I also interviewed today. The interviewer told he they'll get back to me next week. Did you interview today also? Less

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Do you what a patent examiner does?

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I had an interview for a ME position in the afternoon yesterday. They asked: 1)What areas are you interested in/minimum starting salary/earliest start date 2)Name a time when you were given a task with a short turnaround time 3)Name a time when you received constructive criticism 4)Name a time you were persuasive to a superior Less

was told by hr that we should know by tomorrow

when you spoke to HR, did she mean that HR received the selections and theyre getting back to the applicants or the applicants received their selections? Less

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Name a time you talked to a coworker about something technical that did not have a technical background.

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I interviewed on 6/10 ME for Alexandria, I haven't heard anything since then and my status still referred. Did anyone heard from Alexandria?? Less

I just received my tentative offer via e-mail today. Here is my timeline for all those still waiting: 6/11 - Interview 7/23 - Selection e-mail 7/27 - Tentative offer via e-mail 10/26 - Proposed start date stated within TO e-mail. Note: This is for the GS-7 EE position. Good luck to those still waiting! Less

Anyone from 6/11 that was “selected” not get a tentative offer yet?? 😬

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How do you think you would respond if, initially, you worked hard on a task and yet your superiors repeatedly asked you to redo and rewrite, would you be frustrated by this?

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On the same boat. I haven't heard back from Dallas neither. Did your status on USAjobs change with your tentative offer? Less

I neither declined nor accepted the offer, as I have not heard back from USPTO. Hope to go back into the review and change that setting on the post. I understand the 10 week cycle and the expectation of getting back to candidates within two weeks, but I was specifically told otherwise for this round. And I would accept this job if I'm selected. Less

Congrats on the interview. I had an interview on 12/7 too, for ChemEng in Alexandria. SPE I spoke with had said that I would hear back in two weeks; not sure if it's different depending on the job announcement/TC you applied to. Anyone else interview this week in Alexandria? Less

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How do you explain technical information to clients?

73 Answers

Congrats!!. I also got tentative offer yesterday. I have submitted all my paper work, awaiting for my fingerprint taken. Do you get a final offer? My email stated that I'll receive a firm offer with further reporting instruction. Less

Have you tried contacting the HR rep for your questions? They are generally very helpful and responds to questions promptly. You can either email or call them. Less

I had when I received a second referred notice and was a bit more confused after the explanation but it was via email, I will try a phone call next thanks!! Less

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How do you communicate with someone who doesn't hold your technical background?

62 Answers

Also still waiting after mid-April interview.

Still waiting to hear the result of mid April interview. best of luck for everybody Less

Still waiting - BME for Alexandria

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What do you think a Patent Examiner does?

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I applied last year, was referred but no interview. This round I interviewed on April 15 and was notified today that I was selected. Best of luck for the next round! Less

Does anyone got the offer letter from San Jose yet?

Interviewed for the EE position at San Jose on 4/1/20 (1 st April). Have not heard yet on any offer possibility from HR. Did anyone receive offer recently for the EE position at San Jose? If you heard back from HR, please mention your interview date. Thanks. Less

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Tell me about a time something didn't go as planned.

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i interviewed 6/10 ME Alex, i got an email not selected for cutoff dates. did you get something like that? Less

I did. I read somewhere that there was a glitch or something and everyone got that email. I can't get a straight answer from the HR rep but my understanding is we'll get an email saying yes or no eventually. I don't think the "not selected cutoff date" is a no, but I could be wrong. I'm also ME Less

i contacted Keisha and told me my application will be reffered to the next cutoff but my usajob account says i am not selected. i am really confused! do you know when they will be contacting people for 6/25 cutoff? Less

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