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Implement a function to simplify a unix based path. Example: input: /a/b/../c/. output: /a/c

2 Answers

Implemented with a stack.

Leetcode: simply path

various questions about work experience .. tell me about something you've learnt in the last year that could help you in this role ? ...what motivates you ? .... give an example of something you've done to improve your work process ? ..

1 Answer

Could you describe a situation from your experience, how you dealt a stressful situation?

1 Answer

A time that you have had to deal with multiple deadlines

1 Answer

Implement a function to merge 2 sorted arrays into a third array. Followup, to do in-place considering one array can contain all the elements. Third problem was to reverse a linked list. First problems I coded in java for the third he wanted to use C/C++ (to see how I do with pointers).

1 Answer

Talk about a successful project you have been involved in

1 Answer

To solve the problem using 1 indexing

1 Answer

my experience in using and configuring new devices and how the device may fit in the existing infrastructure, and ease uf use etc

1 Answer

Problems that you can find on leetcode on easy and medium :)

Given a binary tree root and function which prints the value of the node at the (x,y) position in the screen, write a function to print the entire tree in the screen. A lot of edge cases to take care here... 1. The resolution of the screen (its dimensions). 2. Cannot collapse two values at the screen. 3. How do you take care of large numbers on the same vertical line? 4. This was the follow-up question. Maybe it was because I first started with using the same distance for all the children at the same level. The question was to optimize the distance used. For example to use only distance 1 if I didn't need more. Some examples to understand what I talking about. 1 d=1 / \ d = 1 2 3 1 / \ d = 2 / \ 2 5 / \ / \ d = 1 3 4 6 7 You can not use d=1 at the first level because 4 and 6 will collide.

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