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How does the BDR get elected in OSPF?

2 Answers

The DR is selected with the router having the highest priority, but because all the routers have a priority of 1 out of the box, the hight Router ID wins, so the second highest router ID become the BDR.

Highest Router-ID becomes DR and the 2nd highest Router-ID becomes BDR in OSPF. It is a priority which elect DR primarily (by default 1 on all). If that matches on all due to its default nature, it will go to Highest IP address of the router loopback interface first and later to the other interface if needed.

What the router sends when it gets a packet with ttl equals 1.

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Name a difference between syslog and syslog-ng

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Regarding my previous experience

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Explain what type of controls you would expect to be present to secure corporate network, basic trouble shooting questions on a examples of failed connections

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Most questions ware about my previous exerience and tools i worked with.

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General chat about my CV and experience

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challeging situation, aptitude- why do I want the job? Why you instead of someone else? Network and IT knowledge.

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Explain how a Juniper router selects the best path (BGP)

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