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Judge Rotenberg Center
Mental Health Assistant was asked...25 December 2016

Why do you want to work at JRC?

1 Answers

I want to try to make a difference in the lives of those who have behavioral and developmental disorders. Less

Secure Care UK

What experience do you have with Mental Health Sector?

1 Answers

Just explained all experience with Care industry and discussed my good qualities and past roles and how they relate to this role. Questions were asked about character good and bad. I asked questions about the company and it's structure. Interview lasted about twenty minutes, and it was appropriate to wear smart casual dress. Formal dress not necessary. Less

Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center

Did I have any experience working in a Mental Health Hospital.

1 Answers


LifePoint Health

Are you comfortable leading group education of people seeking help with mental health issues?

1 Answers

I am extremely comfortable doing so.

Atlantic Health System

Tell me a Strength about yourself

1 Answers

One strength I have is the ability to be empathetic towards anyone.

Are you ready to be working with the mentally impaired?

1 Answers

I reapplied Sure, with my background working as an CENA of ten years I’ve already been exposed to multiple types of different behaviors. All though I haven’t worked for a specific mental hospital before I still have experience with working with the demented, people with closed head injuries and so on. Less

The Fedcap Group

Joe was interested to know if i was willing to take over the creation of an Outpatient clinic for Adults with severe and persistent mental illness. They wanted to build this in the Bronx, and currently did not have anyone who was knowledgeable in mental illness.

1 Answers

I told Joe that i was willing to learn everything about New York State law and the Office of Mental Health to ensure that we could open the Article 31 Less

MHM Services

Are you good with MS Office and completing deadlines?

1 Answers


Elysium Healthcare

How to handle stress and fatigue?

1 Answers

Take a break while someone takes over from me, drink water and listen to music and I’m good. Less

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Have you looked at our values? Which one stands out to you?

1 Answers

Names one of their values and why I think it’s important.

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