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Audit Staff was asked...23 May 2022

Tell me a little bit about your background.

Heritage Christian Services

How do I perform in a fast pace environment.


Why do I want the job

Cooper University Health Care

They asked about prior experience. Short and long term goals


Q: Why do you want to leave your current job?

Outline of experience, availability for work, whether you can work weekends

De Beaute Beauty & Slimming

Why did you leave your previous coompany?


Why do you want t work for Mcdonald


You have to design and code some low level software module beforehand and display


Round 0 (30 mins): Info session Round 1 (30 mins): Leetcode easy, vscode live share, "closed book" Round 2 (2 hrs): Dependent on who's interviewing you but live coding in sandbox, "closed book", implement class functions based on provided details which threw me off for a staff loop. I was expecting sysdesign, PR review, basic JS/react short answer verbal questions Round 3 (2 hrs): Behavioural

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