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Material Planner was asked...20 October 2020

Do you know EXCEL?

2 Answers

I have 20 years of experience.

Prefix sucks. Nothing positive to say about that sweatshop. In fact, they secretly worked during the pandemic. Totally illegal! Less


Have you ever run out of parts for the production line

2 Answers

If you can use original parts better than others

Not good parts only parts that needed a quality sort or were quality suspect.

Novem Car Interior Design

What is your most difficult task in your current role?

1 Answers

How much have you worked with SAP?

Explain to us what you did in Materials Management.

1 Answers

I did logistics executions and warehouse location management. In logistics execution, I entered transactions that control the movements of purchased item from its receipt at warehouse, transaction to add received quantity to inventory after inspection, and transaction to transfer and issue stock item to end-user or customer. In location management, I created store locations where stock items are kept while in store. Less

they didn't know much about MRP or ERP but could tell I knew a lot

1 Answers


Brookfield Properties’ retail group

How much money I expect to get for the role.

1 Answers

As much as possible

Sumitomo Corporation

what do you think about this company?

1 Answers

DO you know what we do and our history?


Go through your resume.

1 Answers


Grupo Antolin

Very weird questions were asked

1 Answers

Yes I did answer them all.


Normal questions. Make sure you know automotive and welding.

1 Answers

Very quickly. Not much of talkers and it was impossible to connect on an interpersonal level. Do not bother relating to them on this level. Take your time and be sure to not be intimidated. The overall issue is that they forgot that most applicants at this level are not desperate for a position and are equally judging the company as they are the applicant. Less

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