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The Edge Treatment Center
Marriage and Family Therapist was asked...26 May 2021

What are you looking to get paid? What was your hardest client, to which he tried to grill me for 20 min to try to get a negative response.

1 Answers

I responded, I don't talk about salary until I'm offered a position. He said " Why, who told you to say that? ? ( ??) So I left, after telling him I considered myself a professional and I didn't feel the same about his behavior. Less

VA Health

What have you done that you are proudest of?

1 Answers

Getting my masters degree while being a full-time single parent and worker.

Institute for the Redesign of Learning

How do you handle documentation and paperwork?

1 Answers

I am extremely attentive to adhering to BBS proscribed ethical and legal guidelines as well as any specific documentation and paperwork protocols dictated by my place of employment. In my process notes, i document client's ongoing treatment plan, paying specific attention to areas of struggle as well as progress. I always document changes in medication and carefully monitor, in conjunction with prescribing psychiatrist, the impact of the new medication protocol. I thoroughly document crisis events, paying careful attention to the potential need for increased sessions, adjunct therapy, the involvement of family, and the laws regarding breaking confidentiality to insure the safety of client and others. In my private practice, I store process notes separately from client treatment agreements, releases, etc. I maintain a securely locked file cabinet to ensure the privacy of my clients. Less

Kaiser Permanente

Why do you want to work for Kaiser?

1 Answers

Work/life balance, good corporate philosophy.

Where do you see yourself in terms of this newly chosen profession? How are you going to make the transition?

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I stopped teaching college English because I thought that I could offer more as a Clinician than as an English lecturer. I an cognizant that I will start at the entry level, but, I am prepared to take whatever comes with my decision. Less

Happier Living

Why do you want to work here? Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I like telehealth, but want more opportunities to collaborate with a care team. I answered the second question honestly and discussed my qualifications Less

Two Chairs

How diversity has factored into your practice

1 Answers

I discussed working with the patient to acknowledge their uniqueness, and allow them to guide how that applies to the therapeutic relationship. Less


Background: Educational and Career Future Career Goals

1 Answers

Honestly and straightforward

What kind of population do you absolutely not want to work with?

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I said children. To which I was informed that it's an unwritten policy to be given the client's least preferred in order to guarantee a well-rounded experience. Less

Institute for the Redesign of Learning

The most difficult question dealt with the issue of suicide and crisis and what I would do if I was presented with that situation.

1 Answers

Explore the thought, find out how likely is the client going to go with it. Find out if the client has attempted before, how often does the client thinks like that, in which cases, triggers, if he has supported at home, if he has a mean and a way. How would he do it? It there is a plan established. Determine the severe case. Call authority or a contract of living. Less

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