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In the language you apply for, please describe some of the challenges and opportunities you feel this role may bring If 35 have A, 50 have B, 70 have C, 20 have AB, 30 have BC, 15 have AC and 10 have ABC then how many have only A?

4 Answers

I answered 10

10 have ABC, 20 have AB -> 20-10=10 have just AB 15 have AC -> 15-10=5 have just AC 10AB+5AC+10ABC=25 people with not just A 35 people have A - 25 people with not just A = 10 people with just A


Prepare a plan for their website redesign.

2 Answers

We've got a lot of products "on the shelf" that are not selling, how would you approach that?

2 Answers

Present a SWOT analysis

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What, in your opinion, it's the biggest challenge that your market faces?

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Why do you want to work for DocuSign?

1 Answer

I didn't really have the usual interview questions.

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What makes a good fit for our internship?

1 Answer

What do you know about company ? Where did I work before? Typical interview questions.

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If you were able to launch a new product into a market right now, what would you do?

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