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Marketing Intern was asked...16 August 2010

If you walk into a liquor store to count the bottles unsold, but the clerk is screaming at you to leave, what do you do?

4 Answers

start by introducing yourself if still annoyed, ask if you can come back at a more convenient time. if still no response, call supervisor to help you out Less

I would just ask her if she could tell me the current inventory.

I will tell them that I would like to buy the entire stock. And ask them to inventory the entire stock in the store . Less

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case questions such as how many degrees are between the hands that make up 2:45 on a clock was challenging.

3 Answers

Answer is 187.5 degress

360 degrees in a circle, 12 #s on a clock, 360/12 = 30.. 2 on the hour is 60 degrees in from the 12.. 45 is on the 9, so 9*30= 270 degrees in from the 12, 270 - 60 = 210 degrees Less

If they were asking for the distance between the acute angle, the answer is 150 degrees. Less


is your degree relevant to the type of internship you are applying for?

2 Answers



Procter & Gamble

Why is our market share the same although sales volume increased?

2 Answers

Competitors sales increased as well (proportionaly)

Other competitors have entered the market

Procter & Gamble

Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult teammate.

2 Answers

Do you received an email saying that you were rejected for the position?

Did you receive an email saying that you were rejected for the position?


When a clock reads 3:15, how many degrees has the hour hand moved?

2 Answers

Its 90...

7.5 degrees


Scenario question: Describe how you would use social media to run a marketing campaign for a new product or service.

2 Answers

Giveaways of products, discounted prices!

Related existing skills with social media, video, and experience with marketing.

Procter & Gamble

1. Where do you see yourself if 5 years time? I know I know, some of you might be thinking that this is one of the easiest, most expected question one might be asked in an interview. However, given that I was so focused on developing answers for obscure, behavioral questions I didn't have a great answer for this!

1 Answers

I can see my self having my own business in stationary system with new and advance technology and I will strive to make a good market share and good reputation for my company. I just need some time and some experience to establish it. Less

Lufthansa Group

How many ping pong balls fit in the fuel tanks of a 747?

2 Answers

It actually depends on where the 747 is located at the time, on the ground or flying. Less

Enough to get from A to B!


why snap

2 Answers

because I love working with tons of d8mb#ss Millennials

There are Snap employees giving tips on blind for the interviews.

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