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Marketing Consultant was asked...18 October 2011

The number one question was "What is your idead of a perfect manager!"

2 Answers

I answerd the "someone who is supportive and can mentor when needed." Apparently not the right answer. Less

My ideal perfect manager does not micro manage me and allows me to do my job daily without interfering. However, I would want he or she to be available when I need help or or have any questions. Also provide support and encouragement! Less


how many phone calls outbound do you strive to make every day

2 Answers

i told them i strive to make between 50-60 outbound calls a day, was told id have to triple that just to get 3 appointments here Less

Wow... I guess it could be different for each geographic area. I get one appointment per 20 calls now that I have refined my method. I'm in Fort Worth though so it might be different than Florida Market. Less

Arrowhead Marketing

Do I have any kids?

2 Answers


Thats illegal to ask that.

The Acquisition Group

What may cause failure of a firm.

2 Answers

anything you would like to say, just be reasonable

The CEO gets caught banging a skank ho in the back alley of a prestigious convention centre booked for AGM with video upload to company FB page. Or something like that. Less


Do you find it difficult to talk to and meet new people?

1 Answers

A lot of the questions were to make sure that you are very personable and outgoing. Also they want to know that you are a self starter and don't mind working a lot. Less


Very straightforward. Met with two managers locally. Open discussion. Not structured and not sure the interviewing process is necessarily consistent from interview to interview. No "trick" questions and no prompting questions that I recall that tried to solicit anything more.

1 Answers

In my office they were trying to steadily keep staffing up so they wanted good people but they did not necessarily have a high threshold interview process. Less

The Acquisition Group

What is my goal

1 Answers

To get my parking validated for this interview. When do I start?


How are you going to handle people hanging up on you when you know you are able to help them?

2 Answers

Positivity is key

Please can you explain to me the role play?


Why Amazon?

2 Answers

Why not? Highly recognized with superb brand recognition and #1 in customer service! Less

because i love amazon buy all my gifts and products never been an issue so i want be on the team that i know that will treat me right Less

Empire Merchants

There were no difficult questions

2 Answers

A very close childhood buddy has worked for Empire. He found a great life and a great job. He loves going to work in the morning and the work ethic is fantastic. You have to like what you do. Being a manufacturers rep for many years I am proud to say this. Empire is a company I would love to work with and for. I once said ' Al how is the pay? His answer? " The commission!!!!!!" That makes me know this is a GREAT Place to work for!!!!!! Steve Less

My resume is in!!!!!!!!

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