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Project Manager - Marketing Or IT, Wasn't Clear was asked...7 June 2016

They went down through the resume asking about each thing on it. Seemed skeptical of everything on it. It was weird.

1 Answers

Just described each previous role. Answered their questions.


Why do you think Microsoft needs to hire you?

1 Answers

Since I haven't targeted any particular position as it was at a career fair, it was hard to describe. It's better to respond what skillset we can deliver in a specific area. Less


Can you work long hours?

1 Answers

Ridiculous question. After more than 15 years of experience, if all a company asks a senior candidate is if he/she can work long hours, something is very wrong! Less


depends on the interviewer. Business people ask PNL, rev recog questions. Legal asks questions about contracting.

1 Answers

Can you expand on the questions that were asked?

McKenney's, Inc.

What is your greatest weakness when it comes to performing at your current job?

1 Answers

I responded with more than one weakness and tried to explain how I managed each and what I could do and/or needed to improve. My answer seemed to be a good one which I was told was the best response they received from all others interviewing for the position. Less

Pocket Gems

Asked an advanced algorithm question, how to write a function to copy all the nodes in a graph. Had to do this on the, always clunky at best.

1 Answers

I figured out the algorithm, got partway through the actual coding and was stopped to ask me a wider variety of questions. Less

PM Or PO was asked...25 October 2021

I can not reply accurate questions, but mostly i have got a feeling that it was about my mindset, attitude, way of thinking, communicating.

1 Answers

I answered the way i am a person with no additional sugar.

The John Buck Company
PM Or APM was asked...21 November 2019

Explain previous experience as related to this project.

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